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Mauritius Travel

If you're looking for a tropical beach holiday packed with excitement and lots of relaxation with an affordable price tag, Mauritius is the place for you. This island paradise offers exceptional value for money with high standards of service while staying in luxurious accommodation.

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Why not have your wedding or honeymoon in Mauritius? It is the ideal destination for an exclusive, unique beach wedding and a romantic honeymoon or anniversary...

We offer you an experience, not just a holiday... we look forward to planning your visit to Mauritius with you. Please use our Safari Planner to assist us in planning your ideal beach holiday.

Mauritius and surrounding tropical islands
The Mascareignes Archipelago is made up of Mauritius, Reunion Island and Rodrigues. Mauritius, an independent state, is situated at 890km east of Madagascar, between 19°50' and 20°32' of south latitude and 57°18' and 57°46' of East Longtitude. Reunion, french island, is 200km south west and Rodridues, a dependence of Mauritius is 600 km to the East North East.

Mauritius covers an area of 1860 km2 and is made up of a central plateau gradually rising towards the south west where it reaches its highest point at 800 metres with the Piton de la Rivière Noire. This plateau is still surrounded with what is remaining from the primary crater in the form of a chain of mountains that are not very high (Moka, Corps de Garde, Pieter Both) and some isolated peaks (Piton du Milieu, Motte à Thérèse).

Mauritius is an all-year-round tropical island resort with a mild climate and pleasant temperatures. In the summer months, from November to April, the temperature varies from 20oC to 28oC on the central plateau and from 25oC to 33oC on the coast. From May to October, the average temperature is 19oC in the centre of the island, rarely falling under 13oC at night. On the coast, all temperatures are about 5oC higher.

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Mauritius Travel Information | Luxury Beach Resorts and Hotels | Tropical Island Vacation Holiday