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Flexopower offers special expertise in the domain of mobile solar solutions. Mobile solutions provide quick solar power as needed, reduce dependence on outside power sources and generators, and are very durable.

Flexopower specialises in the following areas:

Solar Solutions for Commercial, Defence and Leisure
Solar Roofing for Commercial/Industrial Properties
Portable Fuel Cells for Defence and Leisure Purposes

For our application we focus on the leisure products which include a range of flexible, mobile solar power solutions for the outdoor enthusiast and 4x4 camper that require independent power for 12V appliances and effective battery recharging.
flexopower camping 4x4 solar system
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Contact Person: Werner Fischer  
Tel: +27 (0)11 658 0500  
Email: info[at]flexopower[dot]com  
Address: Based in Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA  
Website: www.flexopower.com  
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  We visit some pretty remote places on our expeditions and depend on Flexopower's Kalahari-162 4x4 Kit to recharge our vehicle and trailer batteries to keep our fridges and camp lights going. It is also a crucial part of our mobile office equipment to stay operational and run our business while on the road. We depend on our Kalahari solar panels to power our laptops and cameras.

The ease of use makes Flexopower's Kalahari 4x4 solar kits a pleasure to use. It truly is as simple as plugging it in and rolling out the solar panels. The rest is taken care of by the intelligent solar regulator and effective solar panels.

The highly effective solar power supply provided by Flexopower's Kalahari-162 allows us to stay in remote areas for indefinite periods of time without having to recharge our batteries through the alternator of the vehicle or mains power. The 10 Amps produced by the Kalahari-162 keeps us up and running and our batteries topped up. Another bonus is the durability of the panels. These flexible, rollable panels are made to withstand the tough conditions Africa throws at it. The kit easily packs away in a storage bag that doesn't take up much space.
  flexopower kalahari-162 4x4 solar kit used by the safari co.  
We always travel with our Kalahari-162 solar kit packed away neatly in the trailer or vehicle. It gives us the freedom to travel anywhere we please, for as long as we want with a reliable power supply at hand.

The Kalahari-162 kit consists of:

Kalahari-162 panels with 2 x 50A Anderson grey connector
20 Amp Phocos solar regulator with LED display prewired with 50A Anderson connector grey
1 x 10m cable with 2 x 50A Anderson connectors grey
Heavy duty carry bag
User manual

Some of the features of the Kalahari-162:

a-Silicon Thin Film Technology
Triple junction architecture delivers up to 20% more energy than a conventional solar panel
Low light- and high temperature tolerant
Glass free, flexible and UV stabilized
Water, dust and hail proof
Continues to deliver power even with multiple punctures
Low maintenance
Lead wire with 50A Anderson grey connector
Built in grommets allow for mounting in any position

Specifications of the Kalahari-162:

Pmax, Power 162 W
Imp, Current at max Power 10 Amp
Vmp, Voltage at max Power 16.2V
Weight of panel 6.8 kg
Dimensions deployed 295 (L) x 90 (W) x -.15 (T) cm
Dimensions rolled up 45 (H) x 35 (D) cm
Max operating temperature 85 degrees C

The Kalahari-162 4x4 kit's easy to install, plug and play principle makes it suitable for 4x4 application in marine, desert and tropical environments.
Flexopower 4x4 Solar Solution - Kalahari 162  


The complete Kalahari-162 4x4 Kit fits into a sturdy carry bag that slides perfectly into the nose cone of the trailer. When we arrive at camp, we just pop it out the bag and plug in the cables. It only takes a few minutes to be up and running.

  Flexopower Mobile Camping Solar Panels   SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS:

The Flexopower Kalahari Solar kits come with eay-to-follow, clear instructions so anyone can assemble, disassemble and maintain the solar system.

Flexopwer offers versatility, ease of use and low maintenance.
Flexopower Kalahari Plug and Play Solar Kit  


We positioned the Anderson in the power plug situated on the side of the trailer.

It's neatly placed to conveniently plug in the solar panels to charge the batteries while we can lock up and go on game drives.

  Flexopower Kalahari-162 4x4 Kit  


The 20 Amp Phocos solar regulator is prewired with a 50A Anderson connector to easily connect the solar panels and batteries.

features an LED display indicating the status of the solar charge.

Solar Panel Camping Kit  


The two flexible solar panels produce 10 Amps of power to easily keep your 12V appliances going by effectively charging your batteries. We have two deep cycle batteries in the trailer running our fridge, lights and plug points.

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