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  gabriel safari hdp shock absorbers
  heavy duty performance shock absorbers made to explore africa
  about the gabriel safari hdp  
  The Gabriel Safari HDP is a genuine, robust, technologically-advanced, big-bore shock absorber specifically designed and manufactured in South Africa to cater for the heavy duty performance requirements of today's SUV, 4x4 and light commercial applications.

Gabriel Safari HDP – Product Benefits
· The Big Bore working cylinder will reduce the stress on the working components of the shock absorber thereby increasing the durability of the shock.
· The High temperature oil infused with nitrogen gas allows the shock to effectively operate at higher temperatures (180ºC) as encountered in severe off-road and loading conditions. Normal oil operates effectively at 120 ºC.
· Infusing nitrogen gas enhances quicker shock absorber response times, greater vehicle control and ride comfort.
· The new polyurethane mounting bushes considerably reduce wear and tear.
· The Teflon insert between the rod guide and the rod significantly reduces the friction between the rod and the rod guide.
· The new hydraulic stop lock cushions any metal to metal contact inside the shock under full extension.
· The new cast iron piston ring is much more durable in high operating temperatures than the alternative rubber Teflon type rings.
· The full 360º reinforce welded mounts adds significant strength to the mounting points of the shock absorber.
· One-piece solid machined eye-rings are much stronger and aesthetically more appealing than the normal alternative curled eye rings
· Rust inhibit finish applied (Chrome plated & trication of zinc phosphate)
· Designed for both standard and up to 50mm raised suspensions

Allowing for greater ride control and increased comfort over other comparative shock absorbers in the market, the Gabriel Safari HDP and its three-year unlimited kilometre warranty delivers historical Gabriel pedigree and sets a new standard for performance-based shock absorbers applications.

contact gabriel gabriel fitment
Contact Person: Francois Smith Gabriel has a wide dealer network across southern Africa.
Tel: +27 (0)11 627 2500      
Email: Find a fitment centre near you:
Address: Head Office
59 Merino Avenue, City Deep, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA Click here to search for a fitment centre
  gabriel and the safari co.  
  Our expeditions will be exploring remote destinations throughout southern and east Africa. The different road conditions we will encounter require a superior suspension system that can take what ever Africa can throw at it. We opted for the Gabriel Safari HDP on our Land Cruiser. Our vehicle and trailer set-up demands a high-quality shock absorber to ensure the safety of the crew in all situations. We depend on the Gabriel Safari HDP to carry us there and back in comfort and stability.

It is also good to partner with a company that cares for Africa - see their efforts below.
  gabriel humanitarian expedition into africa  

Gabriel partnered with United Against Malaria (UAM), the Jane Goodall Institute, esteemed explorer Kingsley Holgate, and a number of other organisations, to launch an expedition into the Central African Republic.

The Central African Republic Expeditionary Force (CAREF) delivered 2000 malaria nets to pregnant mothers, children in schools, clinics and orphanages across the Central African Republic and also rescued four chimps in need.

  gabriel safari hdp shock absorbers used by the safari co.  
We fitted 4 SAFARI HDP shock absorbers to the Land Cruiser in combination with an upgraded suspension kit. Excellent stability, control and ride comfort is the result.
Front Runner Roofrack  


Even the packaging looks the part!

These shock absorbers were developed in Africa for Africa - the ideal suspension upgrade for our expeditions into Africa. We rely on Gabriel for durability and comfort to make our journeys into Africa that little bit easier.

  Front Runner Gas Bottle Holder   GABRIEL'S SAFARI BEAST:

There is something about a bit of 'green' sticking out from under the Land doesn't just look good, it also does the job!

Gabriel Safari HDP shocks - making the difference.
our expedition partners - read more about our explorations into africa
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Gabriel Safari HDP Shock Absorbers | 4x4 Shocks | Suspension Upgrade
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