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Camping in Africa is a great way to see this awesome continent. The possibilities are endless...hiking in spectacular mountains with everything on your back or go all out with a 4x4 vehicle and offroad trailer to explore Africa's remote wilderness areas!
The below Africa Campsite Map indicates the recommended areas to explore by camping, as well as those destinations for the more adventurous and seasoned Africa traveler. Click on a country of choice and see the camping options on offer.
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Camping in Africa - a great way to explore Africa's destinations
Camping in Africa offers some of the best experiences available. It really gives you the opportunity to touch Africa and feel the rawness of this amazing destination! Africa has excellent campsites available - some with all the bells and whistle; others with no facilities but spectacular settings! Depending on what you choose, you'll have to prepare for a camping trip in Africa to make the most of the places you visit. You might just need a tent and sleeping bag for some campsites, but for others you will have to be completely self-sufficient, even carry your own water. We offer advise on camping in Africa - from offroad trailer advice to the types of tents available and the latest camping equipment and outdoor gear on offer.
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  Camping Tips  

When on a camping trip in Africa you always try to make things easier, a bit more comfortable while still enjoying the essence and simplicity of camping. Here are a few camping tips we've come to learn as we traveled across Africa over the past few decades on numerous camping trips.

Tent tips
Your tent is your home while on a camping trip. Treat it with care and it will give you years of pleasurable camping in the wilds of Africa.

1. Get to know your camping equipment. The last thing you want to do is trying to figure out how to pitch your tent when you arrive at the campsite after a long days driving. Put up your tent before you leave on your camping trip - it will ensure that everything is there and you get to figure out any tricks without the pressure of an unknown place and possibly doing in the dark! Being able to do it quickly and effectively is extremely valuable.

2. When looking for a place to set up camp, always look for a “natural bed” of soft, flat soil – but avoid the bottom of hills or valleys (where water will end up if it rains!). Choose a flat piece of ground without roots and bumps that might be the cause of an uncomfortable nights sleep. A quick sweep also helps to get rid of small rocks and twigs.

3. Always set up a ground sheet or tarp below your tent to avoid potential damage or water-logging. It also keeps your tent clean so packing up is easy and quick. The ground sheets can then be packed seperately and washed back home.

4. Have a no-shoe policy in the tent. It saves the tent floor and keeps the tent clean. Have a small brush and pan handy to sweep once a day.

4. This one will be down to personal preference but if weight is not a real issue, consider a tent that you can stand upright. It is very helpful to have a tent that's spacious enough to move around in. A tent should also be able to take your luggage. Don't use the indication on the manufacturers specufications when it comes to the number of people that can fit into a tent. They don't take luggage into consideration when choosing this specific spec! Think 'sardines in a tin'...

5. While camping in a wildlife area never leave or store food in your tent. It attracts wildlife and can cause a dangerous situation. Always store food in the vehicle.

6. Always keep your tent doors zipped up - always! It keeps the bugs, scorpions and snakes out as well as the wild animals. Wildlife doesn't see a tent as a food basket - it sees it as a closed unit, much like a boulder or a bush - so they generally don't mess with it - but there has been the exceptions!

Keeping the bugs at bay
There is no one solution that works all the time but here are a few tips to help keep the bugs away.

1. Stay away from wet, grassy areas.
2. Avoid using scented personal products.
3. Wear light colored long sleeve shirts and pants.
4. Wear a hat and a bandanna on your head and neck.
5. Keep cool – bugs are attracted to sweat.
6. Traditional bug repellent – most contain DEET as the active ingredient against bugs. Use this sparingly. This chemical may be harmful and should not be used on children.
7. For during the day, mix some insect repellant with your sunscreen.
8. Citronella candles and oil – helps keep mosquitoes out of the area.
9. Garlic (lots of it) – it will secrete through your pours.
10. Zinc or Vitamin B – also secretes through your pours.
11. Citrus – deters the bugs.
12. Coconut soap and coconut oil – apparently it repels mosquitoes (we haven't tested this one yet).

General Camping Tips

1. No matter the time of year, dress in (or carry) layers. It’s the easiest and most effective way to control your body temperature.

2. Learn how to use a GPS or map and compass. Even seasoned campers get lost in familiar areas.

3. Practice basic outdoor skills such making a fire, using and sharpening a knife, tying different kinds of knots, and basic survival skills.

4. Have a door mat handy as part of your camping equipment. It works very well outside your tent. But stick it inside for the night if you are camping in a place where hyenas occur. They will make a meal of it if you leave it outside.

5. Always bring a roll of duct tape. It can be used for MANY things!

6. Get a reliable torch - even better, get a torch that serves a dual function. Some of the latest LED torches are so good that it functions as a spotlight too.

7. Head lamps are probably one of the most useful tools in your camping kit. Keep it handy at all times and pack extra batteries.

8. Pack a pair of earplugs. You never know who will be your neighbour in a public campsite...

Send us your camping tips! We'd love to hear from you and will credit you if it's featured on our website. Contact us here.

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  Recommended Camping Equipment  
- mattress with duvet
- sheet and pillows
Hand wash basin
Table and table cloth
Cooler boxes
Rechargeable light
Candle holders
Washing line and pegs
Braai tongs
Cooking grill
Gas cooker
Gas bottles x 2
Cooking gloves
Frying pan
Cutlery (knives, forks and spoons)
Crockery (dinner plates, side plates and pudding bowls)
Glasses & coffee mugs
Large fork
Kitchen utensils
- bread knife, chopping knife
- serving spoons
- tin opener, bottle opener
- cheese grater
- scissors
- potato peeler
Washing bowls
- washing up brush
- dish cloths
- pan scrubbers
- tea towels
Read more on camping equipment and outdoor gear in Africa
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There isn't a country in Africa we haven't navigated through or camped in. Our combined years of experience in the bush -- dreaming up, designing, building, and testing innovative products -- is the reason Front Runner has quickly grown to become one of the top 4x4 accessory and camping equipment companies in all of Africa.

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